The Grande Dame is all about empowering woman to be their own unique self. To truly value each woman's differences and to encompass that in every part of their style and attitude, standing out from the crowd in everything they do.


The Grande Dame does not follow fads or trends, instead cultivating it’s own unique sense of style that comes from seeing the world in another light through travel, experiences, texture’s, feelings and wonderlust. She is inspired by adventures under the full moon and all the mysteries of the universe.  Using luxurious and beautiful fabrics we weave an intricate story of how The Grande Dame perceives the world and all it’s individuality it holds.


All pieces are rare, original and effortlessly cool and can be integrated into any wardrobe anytime of the year.


The Grande Dame prides itself on using distinctive fabrications, textures and techniques that create one of a kind pieces that transcend the ages of time and trends.


We believe in authenticity, integrity and beauty.



*Please note that a portion of each online sales made will be donated to a charity chosen by The Grande Dame, as we believe in giving back just as much as we believe in individuality. If you would like to find out more on which charity we are currently supporting please contact us on